Modern web applications - Volting®

Business automation using state of the art web and cloud technologies.

Modern web applications - Volting®
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Our Expertise

Business workflow optimization with Enterprise-grade apps.


We have expert knowledge and experience in workflow optimization by replacing manual jobs with software equivalents which lead to an increase in efficiency and productivity in completing everyday tasks.

Web Apps

Volting Enterprise-grade web applications will offer you all the tools you need for maximum productivity. We can offer both, cloud and local solutions for maximum security.

Data Mining

Expert solutions for organizing and presenting your data. Volting offers enterprise-grade local and cloud solutions for big data and data mining.


Volting provides custom, high-speed, optimized and SEO-ready content management system for fastest possible loading times of your website. For simple projects we do offer free solutions like Wordpress.

Marketing & SEO

We understand digital marketing and SEO. All of our products are delivered optimized for search engines giving you excelent online presence and a head start.

Machine Learning

Volting software utilize AI and machine learning algorithms in creating optimal workflow solutions, minimizing costs.

Our Clients

Trusted by companies around the world.

Our Clients